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Investment Protection is the best thing you can do for your hard earned money.

This is why influence over management and flexibility of implementation. Private investors of family and friends generally enjoy active participation in company’s prime activities, from a educational approach to being able to participate with their investments. This flexibility represents another feature whereby risk can be reduced in private investment for family and friends

What is A Self Directed IRA?

An IRA in which the IRA owner directs all investments in the account. there is no legal distinction between a "Self-Directed IRA" and any other IRA except with a truly self-directed IRA the account agreement allows the broadest possible spectrum of investments.

Eight Reasons To Invest With The Family & Friends AT Young Soo USA, Inc.


Why investment

The fundamental reason for relationship investing is to improve the risk and reward characteristics of an investment portfolio.



Long-term performance

The long-term investing returns of private investments represent a premium to the performance of public equities. This has been the case in the USA for the last 20 plus years.


Private Investing

One of the common threads of successful investors is to pick companies with consistent growth potential. Since private investing for family and friends have own large, often controlling, stakes in companies, few, if any, other public equity mangers will have less access to the same types of companies.


Absolute Returns

Excessive volatility and poor investment performance experienced by quoted equity portfolios, many of which have index-tracking strategies or are bench-marked to an index (“closet tracker”), have led to a swing in favor of strategies that seek absolute returns. Demographic trends have compounded the desirability of such a change. The need to provide for an aging population has obliged many institutions to adopt a more absolute return  oriented investment approach in order to meet future liabilities. Family and Friends investment model managers are do seek absolute returns and are geared towards achieving net cash returns to investors.


Portfolio Diversification

Within a balanced portfolio, the introduction of Family and Friends investing can improve diversification. Although lower correlation of returns between private investing and public market classes is widely debated and needs further investigation, the numbers do indicate a lower correlation.


Exposure to Smaller Market

The private investing industry has brought corporate governance to smaller companies and provides an attractive manner of gaining exposure to a growth sector that went out of favor with market investors in the mid 1990s for reasons of long-term liquidity.



A much greater depth of information on proposed company investments is available to private investors. This helps Young Soo more accurately assess the viability of a company’s proposed business goals and interest up-closed and personal and to project the post-investment strategy to be pursued and expected future performance. This greater level of disclosure contributes significantly to reducing risk in private investing.



The private investing asset class offers the ability to gain investment exposure to the most entrepreneurs sectors of the economy.

Main Services


Film Investment

Film investment opportunities provide financial consumers a sophisticated investment


Reality TV

Reality TV is design to show off talent. If that’s you, and been wanting to share with many just for a small investment.


Solar Investment

Solar Investment includes helping the environment and to identify solar is one the ways.



Commodities for all countries is necessary for their day to day citizens needs. Sugar is one of the highest demands around the world.


Product Placement

Product Placement includes helping to identify, address, and overcome obstacles for your goal.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance gives you the opportunity to know that your family would be set at any incident. Keep your mind at ease overcome obstacles for your goal.


Business Consulting Services

Business consulting includes helping to identify, address, and overcome obstacles for your goal.


Real Estate Investment

Private investment real estate funds offer interests to raise capital for real estate investments.


Retirement Investment

Retirement investment is an fund for saving for retirement.