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Reality TV – Young Soo USA, Inc.

Reality TV

Young Soo USA, Inc. Production offer entry level 1-day shoot for individuals that seek to have a Reality TV Show.  There are required steps Young Soo USA, Inc. Production to be considered for a National TV Program pitch.

  • Minimal Service Fee
  • Media Deck
  • Demo Reel
  • Misc, like crew travel etc.

Being brand-able is important step as well to what the Reality TV Show would be about and what audience it would draw. With our experience partners, we can determine immediately if the networks would even be interested.

In our first initial meeting with Young Soo USA, Inc. Production, we will go through interview process to see if, you as an individual would qualify.

Young Soo USA, Inc. Production Service have a four phase process once you have qualified.

Phase 1:

  • Term Sheet, Retainer Fee Agreement, General Service Agreement, and First Fee Due

Phase 2:

  • Talent Agreement Contract

Phase 3:

  • Production Agreement Contract

Phase 4:

  • Pitching to Networks

If this is what you have been looking for, look no further contact Young Soo USA, Inc. for your initial appointment today! We look forward to hearing what your talent you want to share with the world.