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Retirement Investment Funds

What Is a Retirement Investment Fund (RIF)?

A Retirement Investment Fund (RIF) is an investment product available to anyone as a conservative means of saving for retirement. A RIF is generally a mutual fund that is well diversified in large and mid-cap stocks and bonds. A RIF balances its portfolio to allow for moderate gains using a conservative approach to attempt to retain value while providing income to investors.

Understanding Retirement Investment Fund (RIF)

Retirement investment funds are actively managed funds that are intended to provide conservative, moderate growth for assets tucked away for retirement purposes, such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs). There is no special tax treatment for these funds despite their name; they are treated as normal mutual fund investments.

Like a mutual fund, they are exposed to market risk and are, therefore, not a guaranteed retirement income. Some types of retirement income funds pay out regular distributions, such as monthly or quarterly. This type of fund usually has a required minimum investment and will incur fees similar to other mutual fund products.