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Crypto Investment Funds – Young Soo USA, Inc.

Crypto Investment Funds

Crypto investment funds have a similar concept to traditional investment funds. They consist of gathering funds from different investors with the purpose of investing them in various crypto assets. The responsibility is delegated to Young Soo, who devise a defined investment strategy to obtain the maximum profit possible.

Crypto fund types:

  • Funds related to tokens: they are investment portfolios based on one or several token portfolios (from the Initial Coin Offering or ICO) to the members of the fund.
  • Mining funds: these are portfolios for the development of mining pools, very necessary for PoW currencies.
  • Pre-ICO funds: also known as pre-sale or private-sale, are funds destined for the initial development of an ICO.
  • Tokenized funds: or tokenized securities offering (TSO), being the least known, they are portfolios where members are given their ‘shares’ in the form of tokens so that they can trade these in an exchange whenever they wish.